About SYP

Amazing Benefits of Southern Pine

Broad Availability
Southern Yellow Pine is plentifully grown across the southern United States, making access and availability to this superior product widespread. Southern Yellow Pine thrives in the red clay soil of the South. Because it’s grown in the US you can feel good about supporting an American product that’s more environmentally friendly and better for local economies.

Competitive Price
Southern Yellow Pine is available in abundance which means it’s competitively priced. When used in some building projects, Southern Yellow Pine’s incredible strength allows builders to accomplish more with less wood. The strength of Southern Yellow Pine means it’s a great value in timber.

Incredibly Strong and Dense
Industry experts say Southern Yellow Pine’s density makes it the strongest softwood structural lumber species. That strength means it’s got ideal load-bearing capacity and fastener-holding ability.

Naturally Beautiful
Left natural or stained, Southern Yellow Pine’s wood grain pattern and golden color provides visual interest and a high-quality look. That’s what makes pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine a great option for decking and other construction projects.

SYP Sawmill

With Spartanburg Forest Products, the quality and availability of Southern Yellow Pine is virtually unmatched. Located in Allendale, SC is one of the largest independent and vertically integrated SYP sawmills with the capacity to produce, on one shift, approximately 150,000,000 board feet of lumber annually. Monitored by the TPI grading agency and SFI certified, our quality is unsurpassed in the industry.

Southern Pine: Grade Marks

When you buy wood from Spartanburg Forest Products you can be sure you’re getting a great quality product. All of our lumber is graded according to SPIB (Southern Pine Inspection Bureau) grading rules. Once the wood is graded, it is stamped with the SPIB or TPI mark, an industry symbol of quality that you can trust.

For Southern Yellow Pine grades, you will see this mark as an ink stamp somewhere on the piece of lumber. This mark indicates a third party inspection has been completed, adhering to the TPI or SPIB’s standards of quality. Spartanburg Forest Products believes they are just another way we can ensure our customers that they’re getting the best product available.

Understanding the SPIB or TPI grade mark found on Southern Yellow Pine lumber can be a bit challenging, but all of SFP’s lumber marks assure compliance with standards established by the Southern Pine Grading rules.