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  Who We Are  

We're experts - not just when it comes to treated lumber and southern pine lumber - but also in bringing innovation and exceptional customer service to our industry.

In a crowded marketplace where products are traditionally sold based on price alone, Spartanburg Forest Products adds real value. For more than 30 years, SFP has been an industry leader with a well-founded reputation for providing high-quality products to a diverse customer base.

Beautiful Treated Lumber DeckOur business model was unconventional 30 years ago and it still is today. Although we’re a privately held company, many key managers are rewarded with ownership in the company, giving them a stake and a voice in how the company could best serve our growing customer base. This unique concept was originated by two of the majority shareholders of the company. No one in our industry has ever applied this aggressive approach of structuring a company, but SFP believes it’s been a key to our success.

Spartanburg Forest Products is one of ten largest wood treatment companies in the United States. This is important to you because it means we’ve got buying power, which translates into more value at a better price for our customers. Just because we’re a large company doesn’t mean we’re not concerned with your needs and goals. We treat every customer with integrity, giving them the personal attention they deserve. SFP strives to build lasting relationships and help every customer achieve their business goals.

We’re very concerned with your bottom line. Our business was built on adding value and customer service which is even more important given today’s challenging economic environment. Part of offering unmatched customer service is our ability to serve customers with our lumber mill and eight strategically located treating plants, positioned to provide timely delivery of our products. We know that having a high value product when and where you need it is the most important thing we can do to help you achieve your business goals—we get it!