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  Treated Wood End Tags  

Typical Quality Mark for Treated WoodAll of Spartanburg Forest Products’ lumber adheres to the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau, or SPIB grading rules. Once the wood is examined, it is distinguished by the SPIB or TPI grade mark, an industry symbol of quality that you can trust.

For treated wood, you will see a plastic end tag. This mark indicates a third party inspection has been completed, adhering to the AWPA standards of quality. While these inspections are voluntary, Spartanburg Forest Products believes they are just another way we can ensure our customers that they’re getting the best product available.

Understanding the Quality Mark found on treated lumber is easy once you know what each mark means. However, every SPIB Quality Mark may contain the nine items listed and pictured below. This mark assures compliance with standards established by the American Wood-Preservers' Association (AWPA):

Explanation of a Typical End Tag for Treated Wood

Typical Quality Mark for Treated Wood

Plastic end tag or ink stamp.

  • 1 The identifying symbol, logo or name of the accredited inspection agency
  • 2 The applicable American Wood-Preservers’ Association (AWPA) Use Category
  • 3 Year of treatment, if required
  • 4 Preservative used for treatment
  • 5 Preservative retention
  • 6 Exposure category (ie. Above Ground, Ground Contact etc.)
  • 7 Treating company and location or company number
  • 8 Moisture content after treatment, if applicable
  • 9 Length and/or class, if applicable