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  Levels of Treatment  

During the treatment process, the lumber is put into a pressurized cylinder where preservatives are forced deep into the wood, protecting against rot, decay and termite attack.

While there are many companies selling pressure treated wood, not all treated lumber is the same.

Treated lumber is rated for various applications such as Above Ground Use and Ground Contact Use. There is also water repellent treated lumber. Spartanburg Forest Products offers a large selection of wood that is acceptable for all of these applications.

Not sure which type of lumber you need for your project? Here is a brief explanation of these types of treated lumber and some of the appropriate used scenarios for these products:

Above Ground

Above Ground WoodLumber that is for above ground use can function in a variety of ways.

Lumber rated for above ground use works best for general framing projects, siding, fence boards and decking projects.

Ground Contact

Ground Contact WoodWhen wood is required to come into contact with the ground, it’s important to use specially treated lumber that is designed and prepared for this purpose. Ground contact pressure treated lumber is developed to handle the additional stress it encounters when in contact with the ground.

Some of the appropriate uses for ground contact lumber include fence and deck posts, raised vegetable beds, playground equipment, and landscaping uses.

Lumber treated for ground contact can also be used in fresh water for pilings and docks.

Water Repellent

Water Repellent Wood Decking with built in water-repellent helps the decking keep that "like-new" look longer and forced deep into the wood- not just brushed on the top.