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  Step Stringers & Stair Treads  

Step Stringers & Stair Treads

3 Step
3 Step
3 Step

Our precut Stringers, which are manufactured from #1 SYP, take all the guesswork out of trying to make these yourself.

A clean, prcise, and consistent machined product provides you with a professional look.

Available in 2 Step, 3 Step, 4 Step, 5 Step, and 6 Step.

Stringers are packaged 144 pieces per bundle.

Step Tred
Available in:
96 pcs per bundle

Our professionally manufactured Step Treads are made from #1 2x12 SYP. They are bullnosed on one edge, have anti-slip groove on the top and stress relief grooves on the bottom to minimize cupping.